At present, governments of various countries are paying more and more attention to environmental protection and their requirements for environmental protection are becoming more and more stringent.

In order to improve the filtration accuracy of filter bags, Filmedia newly developed a more efficient and environmentally friendly PET & NPs Nano Sealing Film for the filter bag industry. It is attached to the needle eye of the bag cloth to achieve a sealing effect, prevent dust leakage, and meet the emission standard (≤ 10mg).

Main Advantages and Features:

  1. This nano sealing film can not only block dust leakage, but also participate in filtering.
  2. Wide range of applications.
  3. High production efficiency and low cost.
  4. Safe and environmentally friendlyand without any pollution.
  5. Excellent chemical resistance.

Our Capacity: 40,000 meters per day.   100,000 meters in stock.

Standard width: 16mm, 22mm. Customization accepted.







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