The filter surface of most liquid filter bags has been specially singeed, which can not only effectively prevent the separation of fibers and polluted filtrate, but also avoid excessive clogging of label filter holes caused by traditional rolling treatment, and prolong the service life of filter bags. The materials used are all white, glued without any special bleaching and dyeing treatment, and fully comply with environmental protection standards. Because needle felt has very little turnover efficiency, it becomes an efficient filter material. The thickness of the needle felt is uniform, the opening valve is good and the strength is sufficient, so that the efficiency of the filter bag is stable and the service time is longer.

We have focused on liquid filter bag manufacturing for over 20 years with ISO, SGS, FDA certifications. Our material includes  PO, PE, Nylon, Meta-Aramid, PTFE, mesh etc.  Optional Rings: PO/PE sentinel ring, Stainless steel ring, Zinc-plated steel Ring.  Micron: 0.1-200um Size: customized by customers. Alternative to Eaton, 3M, FSI, Pall bags. Any customizations are accepted.

We offer a full line of filter bags with competitive prices:

  • A filter bag manufacturer, saving extra cost from a middle man.
  • Also a raw material (Needle felt/woven fabrics) manufacturer, having agood control of the raw materials.
  • Rich experiencefrom successful business relationships with CEMEX, LAFARGE Cement.
  • Mature technology especially forFiberglass filter bags production in China.
  • Advanced Automatic sewing machine equipped, to make sure high quality and good delivery.
  • Providing professional consultant servicefor material selection, installation and maintenance.
  • Providing FREE SAMPLES for your testing

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