We supply from Raw materials to finished products to satisfied your need.However , different products have different profits,specific profits depend on the countries and Processing methods.Following are cases.

Mesh filter 
Reverse Osmosis Membrance 
PE Mesh 
1-200 μm water filter 

Filtration Case A

1.A company from Argentina

2.Target Customers: Household drinking fountains

3.Target Products: Reverse Osmosis Membrance( 50 gallon,75 gallon,100 gallon,120 gallon)

4.Purchase amount:1000-1500 pcs


Advantages about the Reverse Osmosis Membrance

Filtration Case B

1.A company from Brazil

2.Target Customers: Industrial water purification

3.Target Products: Industrial Bag Filter Housing

4.Purchase amount:500-800 pcs


Advantages about the Industrial Bag Filter Housing

Filtration Case C

1.A company from South Africa

2.Target Customers: Industrial water purification

3.Target Products: 1-200 μm water filter

4.Purchase amount:2000 pcs


Filtration Case D

1.A factory from Ecuador

2.Target Customers: Local distributor

3.Target Products: Woven-fabric, PE mesh

4.Purchase amount:2000-2500 rolls