Filter fabrics or felts generally serve primarily as a septum which in turn holds in place a base coat in reality that does the filtering of our product, whether this is on a rotary vacuum filter, a centrifuge, or plate and frame pressure type filter.

Filter fabrics (woven) may be classified as the following: all monofilament, all multifilament, combination (monofilament/multifilament or monofilament/spun or multifilament/spun), and all spun.

Filter Fabric Finishing SelectionGuidelines for choosing filter fabric finishing.
Filter Yarn SelectionUse these guidelines for selecting proper filter yarn for your application.
Filter Fabric Media SelectionFour factors must be considered in proper filter media selection – the fiber, the fabric, the finish, and the method of fabrication.
Combination FabricsWhat are Combination Fabrics?
Spun FabricsWhat are Spun Fabrics?
Filter Fabric Weave SelectionUse these guidelines to select the right fabric weave for your application.
Fabric Fiber TypesNylon was the first important wholly synthetic fiber to be manufactured, followed by polyester, acrylics and more recently polyethylene, polypropylene, fiberglass, PTFE and aramid.
Monofilament FabricsWhat are Monofilament Fabrics?
Multifilament FabricsWhat are Multifilament Fabrics?