There are many different types of dust collector framework technology, in the actual application will be produced according to different conditions of use, different dust collector framework also has different installation methods and characteristics.


  1. Plug-in spray plastic dust collector framework: the main body of the plug-in spray plastic dust collector framework is provided with an exposed decorative part, the exposed decorative part is connected to two plugs, an acute angle between the two plugs, the outer periphery of the two plugs The surface is lower than the joint body, and an awning slot is provided on the upper side of the joint body.


  1. Round spray plastic dust collector framework (outer filter type): This type of framework is one of the commonly used spray plastic dust collector framework forms. The round spray plastic dust collector framework has a lightweight structure, which is easy to install and maintain, and the quality directly affects the filter bag. The filtration state and service life of the round dust collector frame are formed by welding with special equipment at one time. Its characteristics are firm welding and smooth and clean appearance of the dust collector frame.


  1. Trapezoidal dust collector framework: This type of dust collector framework generally adopts silicone spraying or galvanizing, painting and other technologies. The coating is firm and resistant to corrosion. It avoids the surface corrosion and filtration of the plastic sprayer framework after the dust collector has worked for a period of time. The bag is bonded, which ensures the smooth return of the dust filter bag, and at the same time reduces the damage to the dust bag during the bag replacement process. The longitudinal bars and anti-support rings are evenly distributed and have sufficient strength to prevent damage and deformation. In order to ensure the strength of the steel wire and improve the appearance quality, the skeleton of the trapezoidal spray plastic dust collector is made of φ6.5 round steel (drawn into φ3mm) Then, when assembling the welded tire in one piece, the grinding and grinding meet the technical requirements.

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