According to the latest ” cement industrial air pollutant emission standards” requirement , cement kiln dust emission standards will be increased from 50mg / Nm3 ( cement kilns and other thermal equipment ) and 30mg / Nm3 ( cement mill ventilation equipment , etc. ) / Nm3 to 30mg / Nm3 and 20mg. Cement dust pollution has been a process of industrial development problem can not be avoided and dust approach currently used in the industry are mainly two kinds of dust bags and dust electrician. It based on different technological characteristics and compared to the bag dust , electrostatic precipitator with lower operating and maintenance costs , but at the same scale dust effect slightly worse . However, due to a large amount of cement industrial dust , electrostatic precipitator dust removal efficiency affected the performance of equipment , enterprise management, production line conditions and other factors ,collection efficiency are different. Only a few cement dust electricity companies can realize the national emission standards . Because of this, relatively few constraints , higher collection efficiency of the dust bag of choice for more current cement companies to reduce dust emissions. However , choosing the right bag of cement companies become a major problem .At present, a lot of dust bag material category , in the cement kiln dust applications , including pure P84 filter bag , P84 composite bag , coated fiberglass bag, PI bag and so on . Due to the different properties of the material itself , there is a big difference in a variety of media in the course of the filtering effect and service life , especially pressure and other properties. Pure P84 filter , for example, all using P84 multi-leaf type of special fiber surface can achieve very good filtering effect , the filter dust is difficult to enter inside ,it can effectively prevent dust filter blockage caused by air resistance increases the gap problem . From life in terms of pure P84 filter bag in kiln applications generally can reach more than four years , there is no pure P84 filter bag used less in 4 – 5 years. Even pure P84 filter bag of cement kiln dust removal project , the operating life of up to 7 years, and the pressure rise in seven years only 100-200Pa.From the dust in terms of performance and service life , P84 is undoubtedly one of the preferred media enterprise with cement dust collector, but at the same time , the material price is relatively expensive , it also allows many cement companies feel the current embarrassed. In fact , in order to reduce costs , filter manufacturer also made a lot of ” Explore .” For example , appearing P84 felt filter composite on the market, generally made of glass fibers are mixed together with the P84 fiber acupuncture , but the P84 content varies from 10%, 15 %, 18% to 20% and so forth . Although P84 composite bag in the early effect of the dust can be up to standard, but with the intrusion of dust filter deep , it is easy to dust accumulated inside the filter , resulting in a period of time , a substantial increase in running resistance and increased dust operating costs. From the effect, P84 composite filter media certainly felt far less pure P84 filter bag , the bag and its low-cost , often unable to compensate for the high cost of running such a short life and high energy costs . Not to mention the risk of the bag needs to be replaced to stop the kiln to bring . From the use of effects and life into account, the cement companies had better pure P84 filter , taking into account the current cement industry cost pressure, is recommended in the kiln pure P84 filter, you can use in other parts of the precipitator P84 composite mat material . Fiberglass membrane filter media under ideal conditions can meet emission requirements and all aspects of performance can be compared with the pure P84 filter.However , compared to the pure P84 filter, fiberglass membrane filter media more delicate than P84, packaging , transportation, installation , and operation of equipment have put forward higher requirements, and the above process is likely to cause breakage of the film material , adversely affect the effect of dust .. On the other hand , since the profit margins, fiberglass coating market is more chaotic, disorderly competition , quality and technology varies greatly, resulting in product quality is unstable ,which limited its development . Pure P84 filter bag is still the first choice in the current cement industry kiln dust , even if the acquisition cost is relatively high , but based on longer life and lower energy consumption .  

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