PA(Nylon) Filter Cloth

As a leading exporter of filter media, Filmedia ® Everspring’s PA (Nylon) filter cloth was export to lots of countries covering  Asia, Europe and America and enjoy a good reputation among our customers.
Despite our conventional items, we also welcome other customized order.
Capacity:2000 m²  a day.
FAW: 200-850gsm and other customized weight.
Weave: plain, twill, satin.

square meter. In Stock .
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1. Monofilament PA Filter Cloth (1) PA filament yarn filter cloth (2) PA staple yarn filter cloth 2. Multifilament PA Filter Cloth (1) PA filament yarn filter cloth (2) PA staple yarn filter cloth

Monofilament PA Filter Cloth compared with Multifilament PA Filter Cloth

Performance of monofilament PA Filter Cloth:

  • Great permeability of air and water.
  •  Less jam possibility.
  • Filter cake can be easily released and recycled.

Performance of multifilament PA filter cloth:

  • Great strength,especially its anti-abrasion is top-ranked in all general fibers.
  • Resist strong alkali and weak acid.
  • The strength expense can be ignored after dealt with NaoH(10%),as Polyamide is used 16h in the state of 90℃.
  • It’s continual applied temperature within 120℃ and the instant applied temperature can be up to 150℃.
  • PA 66 can not be applied in the field of Pharmacy and Food industry.

SPECIFICATION of monofilament PA filter cloth

PA5815 540 5340 2258 28.7 24.6 818 0.85
PA5133 590 7304 2550 37.8 26.5 619.4 1.00
PA2213 280 3111 1825 25.8 24.2 2268.36 0.52
PA2812  Dright 360 3585 2165 33.5 25.8 2239.12 0.65
PA2812 350 3780 2456

SPECIFICATION of Mutifilament PA Filter Cloth

407     Plain  Long thread  Long thread 240.8 187.2 195.4
663     Plain  Long thread  Long thread 192 156 263.8
601     Plain  Long thread  Long thread 132 160.8 222.6
301     Plain Long thread Long thread 275 250 106.8
407 1913 1539 59.4 46.4 29.7 0.42
663 2307 958 71.6 20.6 28.8 0.58
601 2500 1776 60 29.8 223.6 0.49
301 2016 1981 67 62.4 114.4 0.22


Widely used in the field of coal, petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, metallurgy and so on. More information about woven filter cloth, please clickhere!

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