Activated carbon filter composition

follow link Filter basket, support basket and filter bag. When using the filter liquid, the liquid enters from the side or below the filter container into the filter bag by the support bag above the filter bag, the filter bag due to the impact of the liquid and Uniform pressure surface expansion, so that the liquid material in the entire surface of the filter bag evenly distributed through the bag of liquid along the metal support basket wall, at the bottom of the filter outlet liquid discharge, filter out impurities in the particles were trapped Filter bag, to complete the filtration process.
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The product features, is to replace the filter bag is very convenient, basic filter material consumption, the machine has been designed into a single filter, double filter, and can be equipped with pump assembly on the mobile cart, but also can be anywhere for filtering The remaining parts are made of carbon steel and stainless steel, can be selected according to different media. Its scope of application is also quite extensive, can be applied to grease, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, paints, food and beverage.

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