Why can’t the standard filter cloth cover the industrial field?

Nowadays, there are countless types of filter cloth. From the equipment, there are: horizontal belt type, vertical type, plate and frame, electrolysis, power plant and leaf filter. The materials are divided into: polypropylene, polyester, nylon, vinylon and polyester cotton.

The filtration industry is a very rigorous industry, and it is necessary to refer to the working conditions, which is why there are so many types of filter cloths nowadays. Different working conditions in the same field should use different filter cloths, such as different working conditions, different temperatures, different pH levels, different filtration precisions, and different requirements for the thickness of the filter cloth. These are the factors that determine the filter cloth. One of the changes in requirements may cause this filter cloth to be unsuitable, and it is necessary to develop or replace a conforming filter cloth.

There are still filter cloths available in the market for simple working conditions, and there are few filter cloths available in the market for complex working conditions. Basically, filter cloth customization is required, and experimental research, development and weaving are carried out according to the working conditions. It is best to look for a professional a company with rich experience.

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