Honeycomb Catalyst Filter Device


1. Honeycomb catalyst from a variety of raw materials, mixing, molding, firing made, the whole body with activity, wear does not reduce the activity
2. According to the actual flue gas conditions for formulation design, targeted, and wide adaptability
3. High-temperature calcination process firing, anti-boiler instantaneous high-temperature capability
4. Flue gas inlet side with anti-wear coating, anti-wear ability, long mechanical life
5. Ultrafine TiO2 as the substrate, surface area, activity and stability
6. Special formula design, excellent resistance to poisoning
7. Can use a wide range of reliability

Common specifications

15 hole,16 hole,18 hole,20 hole,21 hole,22 hole,25 hole,30 hole,35 hole,40 hole,45 hole


Power Plants, Cement Plant, Glass Furnaces, Chemical Plants

Classic Case

Power Plant

Unit capacity: 600MW
Way: electric bag composite dust collector
Instantaneous temperature: 210 ° C
Total moisture: 18.6%
Received Ash: 40.1%
Continuous operating temperature: 165 ℃
Total base sulfur received: 1.6%
Inlet concentration: 40 g / N mm³
Material: PTFE + PPS / PTFE base fabric
After treatment: PTFE coating
Bag specifications: φ160 * 8550mm

Glass Furnaces

Dust concentration: 50 mg / Nm³
Denitration efficiency:> 93%
Ammonia Escape: 0.8 ppm
SO2 / SO3 conversion: 2.9%
Number of holes: 25 holes
Temperature: 320 ° C
Inlet NOx concentration: 2600 mg / Nm³ (dry basis, 6% O2)
Outlet NOx concentration: 182 mg / Nm³ (dry basis, 6% O2)



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