Anti-static,oil and water proof filter cartridges in our company use polyester film material and can  prevent the occurrence of blast accident, deal with large air flow, high filtration accuracy.



Properties and features

1.Using polyester film material
2. Can effectively medium dust in the charge by equipment grounding export
3. to prevent the occurrence of blast accicdent, dealing with large air flow, high filtration accuracy
4.Filter material through special chemical treatment, the gas in the medium of oil, water molecules have gas一liquid separation. filter cylinder overall drainage oil, water performance is strong, achieve the expected filtration effect.


Types External diameter Inner diameter Length Surface filtration Surface resistance value
Type 1 φ320mm φ213mm 660mm 9.4m² ≤109 Ω
Type 2 φ320mm φ213mm 100mm 15m²
Type 3 φ352mm φ241mm 660mm 9.4m²
Type 4 φ352mm φ241mm 100mm 15m²