PPS, PTFE&P84 — Three Dust Bags for Coal-Fired Boilers

At present, the common problems of bag filter and electric bag filter for thermal power coal-fired boilers are concentrated in the service life of filter bags.

According to the characteristics of the flue gas of the boiler dust collector in the thermoelectric workshop, Filmedia filter bags recommend three kinds of filter bags of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyimide (P84) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The filter bags are all corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant. Among them, the PTFE filter bag is the most corrosive, and the price of the PPS filter bag is the most economical. ​

PPS filter bag has been widely used as the main filter bag in domestic coal-fired power plants, and the technology is mature at present. P84 fiber has long been an exclusive product abroad. In recent years, domestic P84 fiber has started mass production.  Filmedia can provide high-quality domestic P84 filter bags.The domestic production of PTFE fibers has matured, and Filmedia filter bags have also begun mass production. In addition, Filmedia can also blend these three filter materials according to the requirements of the manufacturer’s working conditions, give full play to the chemical, physical and economic benefits of various fibers, and customize the most cost-effective filter bags. ​​

Filmedia strictly controls the quality, and the specifications, lengths and deviations of the filter bags produced should meet the requirements of HT327-2006, and the requirements for filter bags are more stringent. In terms of sewing method, the bag head, bag body and bag bottom of the filter bag are all required. In order to achieve a good cooperation between the bag head and the flower plate, the number of sutures is specified in the sewing of the bag head; at the same time, considering the friction between the bag bottom and the bag cage, the bottom of the bag needs to be strengthened, and the number of sutures is also specified. Taking into account the actual working conditions of the filter bag of the boiler dust collector in the thermal power workshop, the sewing threads used by Filmedia are all PTFE sewing threads, and there will be no situation where the bag body is intact and the sewing thread is cracked.