Filter Bag In Waste Incineration


Based on the analysis of the current status of waste disposal , waste incineration power generation characteristics of soot and 100 % (by mass ) of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filter needle felt production process, properties and application of project,we can get the conclusion that 100% PTFE needle felt filter with a high temperature, high humidity , strong chemical corrosion resistance, high-performance filter conclusions. With the global waste incineration harmless , reduction of development, the demand for high-performance filter media is also growing , 100% PTFE needle felt filter will have a more broad application prospects . Key words :100%  PTFE needle felt filter  waste incineration  soot filter With the acceleration of global ‘s urbanization, waste pollution is worsening . Improper waste disposal may cause serious air , water and soil pollution , and take up a lot of land , thereby constraining the survival and development of the city . How to solve the garbage problem , which has attracted great attention of the whole society . China has embarked on municipal solid waste disposal fee system in the country . Nowdays, China has 668 large and medium cities.Due to the concentration of population , the economy is relatively developed , large consumption of resources and energy , urban waste pollution problems are more serious. Chinese urban per capita annual output of large up to 440 kg, annual emissions of nearly 150 million urban waste t, and is still growing at a rate of 10% , 80 % to 90% are from large cities . A lot of garbage not only occupy the land , ecological impacts , air pollution , hazardous substances which will be harmful to human health. Faced with the proliferation of junk status quo , it is no longer the only global expert focused on the control and destruction of passive defense, but will be a waste and waste precious energy that closely linked , such as the use of garbage for power generation to solve the energy problems. Garbage power generation means collected all kinds of waste then make a classification process . Higher values for combustion at high temperature incineration ( complete elimination of pathogenic organisms and corrosive organics ) , thermal energy generated in the high temperature incineration into high-temperature steam , a turbine rotates the generator to produce electricity. However, we have to treat the high-temperature incineration exhaust gas to prevent secondary pollution . From June 1 , 2000, Waste Incineration National Standards promulgated clearly states: ” garbage incinerator dust collector bag filter must be used to reduce the generation and emission of incineration of hazardous substances .” China has over 600 cities , plus the outskirts of town , the market potential in the baghouse dust waste incinerator enormous respect in the future . 100% ( mass fraction ) of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) needle felt filter is a new type of high temperature , corrosion-resistant filter material , its production process has applied for patents, patent application No. 2005100455629 . It is available to fill the Chinese independent brand resistant grade 250 ℃ needle felt filter blank , PTFE fibers in the environmental protection industry and modern industry has an important purpose ,which is China’s energy conservation and flue gas filtration industry.

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