The filter material is the main component of the bag filter, and the performance of the filter depends largely on the performance of the filter material, so the maintenance of the filter material is very important. Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS for short) is a synthetic fiber filter material. It can withstand temperature up to 190°C under continuous operation. It has excellent acid and alkali resistance and hydrolysis resistance. It has chemical stability, but weak oxidation stability. Therefore, for the synthetic fiber filter material, it is required to pay attention to reducing the air leakage of each wind flue during operation, and to minimize the combustion oxygen content of the boiler, so as to make up for the weakness of poor oxidation resistance and prolong the life of the cloth bag. In addition, attention should be paid to controlling the inlet temperature of the cloth bag, which should not be too high. In general, the chemical attack on sensitive chemical fibers doubles for every 10°C increase in operating temperature. The operating temperature should not be too low, otherwise the damage to the bag by hydrolysis will be enhanced. In severe cases, it is easy to cause the bag to be blocked. During operation, we strictly control the operating temperature of the bag inlet at 80℃~120℃ according to the moisture content of the flue gas, which effectively prolongs the life of the cloth bag.

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