How to prevent the dust filter bag from falling off

How to prevent the dust filter bag from falling off

The flat bag deforms larger than the round bag when the dust filter bag is cleaned by pulse blowing, so when the bag retracts after blowing, it will collide with the dust removal frame more strongly, resulting in more dust leakage, and it will be separated from the flat bag when cleaning the dust. The dust migration of the bag to the adjacent cloth bag is more serious than that of the round bag. When the flue gas volume, filtration speed and diameter of the dust filter bag are the same, increasing the length of the dust filter bag can reduce the number of dust filter bags, thereby reducing the floor area and reducing the electromagnetic of the dust removal system. Solenoid valves, pulse valves, injection pipes and other components can save investment and shorten the cleaning cycle. When the dust filter bag is online for dust removal, the longer the dust filter bag, the greater the possibility that the dust leaving the bag will return to the bag.

If the dust filter bag is offline, the longer the dust filter bag will be, and the pause time after dust removal will be extended. The slower the filtration of the sub-chamber recovery. When cutting the dust filter bag, it is best to use an electric soldering iron (1500W electric soldering iron) to prevent the warp and weft from loosening. The pharmaceutical industry should rinse with warm water before using the dust filter bag to prevent dirt from the cloth surface. (Flush) wash, (concentration depends on the situation) to soften the cloth body, restore the hydrophobicity and air permeability of the dust filter bag, and improve utilization rate of dust filter bag.

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