Features of PPS filter bag

What is the importance of PPS filter bags?

The PPS filter bag is a dust filter bag with high temperature resistance and chemical resistance.

  1. Polyphenylene sulfide filter bag dust removal: The PPS filter bag adopts high-frequency oscillation, and the larger dust particles entering the outer surface of the PPS filter bag are removed as much as possible without affecting the fastness of fiber entanglement, and the PPS filter bag is maintained. Good peel resistance.
  2. Chemical experimental treatment: extract the PPS filter bag sample, select professional instruments to detect the oily components of the polyphenylene sulfide filter bag, and then select the appropriate scrubbing material to clean the polyphenylene sulfide filter bag, which will not cause damage to the polyphenylene sulfide filter bag any harm.


Features of PPS filter bag:

  1. The PPS filter bag refers to the strip-shaped yarn branch with conductive function woven in the PPS filter material fiber or base cloth, so that the entire PPS filter material has conductive properties. During use, electricity is guided to the dust collector box and the ground through the PPS filter material to prevent explosion accidents caused by electrical sparks.
  2. The characteristics of the PPS filter bag are that it has a high allowable working temperature in the air (can work continuously at 240°C, and can reach 260°C in a short time), and has high mechanical strength, rigidity and hardness in a high temperature environment, excellent Corrosion and hydrolysis resistance, excellent abrasion and friction resistance, good dimensional stability, excellent high-energy radiation resistance, good UV resistance, flame retardancy and excellent electrical insulation.

3. In view of the thermoplasticity of PPS filter bags, our factory adopts imported automatic hot-melt technology to produce polyphenylene sulfide hot-melt bags. The bottom, sides and collars of PPS filter bags are welded by hot-melt method, which avoids side leakage and fiber shedding caused by pinholes and uneven materials in traditional sewn filter bags. The high-precision wireless sewing filter bag adopts digital configuration multi-point welding equipment to ensure that the welding of each poi