Filmedia provides the complete range of filter bags for your baghouse and dust collection system in a wide variety of fabrics, finishes, styles and sizes.

  • Our capacity: 4000 per day (standard product)
  • Optional fabric: PE (Polyester), PP (Polypropylene), PA (Nylon), Aramid(Nomex), Acrylic, Fiberglass, PPS, PTFE, P84 and etc.
  • Optional process: Sewing or Hot sealing


Filmedia® offers a complete line of replacement and custom designed dust collector bags to fit most manufactures’ filter bag housings. Our dust collector filter bags are carefully fabricated and sized to ensure ease of installation and change-out. These Filter bags are designed to be mounted and gasketed firmly into place with a snap band, corded cuff, or clamp to ensure a dust tight seal. Various coatings and finishes can be applied to either side of the dust collector bag to enhance cleaning and efficiencies, as well as prolonging service life. Groundwire, anti-collapse rings and other options can be easily incorporated into the filter bag construction. We can custom fabricate various types of attachments to work with your specific shaker mechanism, whether it’s a loop, eyelet, grommet or other device. The filter bags we supply are specifically refers to a parts for industry filtration. We can produce more than the following products and the feature and size is customizable. Feel free to send us email, With 6 years experience, we will meet and satisfy your need no matter how unusual your requirment is.

Table of the performance of Filter bag:

Types Operating Temperature℃ Instant Temperature℃ Abrasive Resistance  Hydrolytic Stability Acid Resistance Alkali Alkali Resistance Inoxidizability
Polypropylene 90 110 Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Moderate
Homopolymer Acrylic 120 130 Moderate Good Good Moderate Good
Polyester 130 150 Excellent Poor Moderate Fair Good
PPS 180 200 Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Fair
Metamax 190 210 Good Moderate Moderate Good Moderate
P84 220 260 Good Moderate Moderate Moderate Good
PTFE 250 280 Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Fiberglass 260 290 Fair Good Moderate Good Fair


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