Advice of choosing filter media


We shanghai Everspring Filtration Company specializing in filter solution, and provide all kinds of filter media. Before you choose one filter media, you need to consider the following factors.

The temperature.

As different media has different operating temperature range, if the working temperature is beyond the filter media’s bearable range, it will damage soon.


Air humidity is related with its dew point. It is easy to cause condensation in the filter bag with high moisture content and high dew point, which will affect de-dusting performance. If the duster always work up and down the dew point temperature, the filter media will be brittle and easily be damaged.

Chemical composition.

If the dusty gas contains acid, alkali or organic solvent, it need to choose the anti-acid, anti-alkali, and anti-organic solvent filter media

Combustibility and explosive.

If the dusty gas contains combustible gas, it need to choose flame-retarded and anti-static filter media.

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