The Role of PPS Filter Bags in the Kiln Head and Tail

The exhaust gas and dust discharged from the kiln head and kiln tail have the characteristics of large amount of exhaust gas, high dust concentration, high exhaust gas temperature, low humidity, fine dust particles, and high corrosiveness. These properties may not be expressed in the same kind of On the dust source, but sometimes a dust source has multiple attributes.

The bag filter is used in the purification of the kiln head and kiln tail. The selection and application of the dust bag plays a decisive role in the bag filter. After more than 10 years of summarizing experience and selecting the PPS high temperature bag technology, the PPS dust bag can be reasonably applied to effectively improve the dust collection efficiency of the bag filter and prolong its service life.

By understanding the composition of flue gas, including: dust content, specific gravity, particle size, viscosity, moisture content of flue gas and other parameters, we can understand these parameters that determine the cleaning method of the dust collector and the treatment of filter materials. method and filter wind speed. According to different conditions of use, the requirements of the bag should include being suitable for different temperatures; good peeling performance, easy cleaning, good air permeability, relatively high filtration efficiency, can withstand high-energy cleaning, and compare the service life of the bag long. The price is more economical for these features.

PPS acid and alkali resistant high temperature dust removal bag is also called polyphenylene sulfide fiber dust removal bag. PPS dust removal bag is another kind of excellent fiber among high temperature resistant organic fibers in recent years. Comparable corrosion resistance. PPS acid and alkali resistant high temperature dust removal bag has:

  1. Good temperature resistance

The melting point is 285℃, the continuous use temperature is 190℃, and the instantaneous use temperature is 230℃.

  1. Excellent corrosion resistance

Polyphenylene sulfide fiber is superior to general fiber in resistance to organic acid, inorganic acid, acid, oxidant, etc.

  1. The extreme oxygen index of polyphenylene sulfide fiber is 34-35, which is a kind of incombustible material.

Polyphenylene sulfide fiber needle-punched felt not only has high temperature resistance, but also has corrosion resistance.

For relatively humid dust and relatively viscous dust, PPS high temperature cloth bag will not cause the phenomenon of paste bag, hardening and rapid rise in pressure difference due to its smooth surface and easy peelability.

PPS filter bags are widely used in steel, cement, chemical industry, power plant, road construction, metallurgy, food processing, etc.