Which factors need to consider when choose the filter media

Q:Which factors need to consider when I choose the filter media?

A:There are four main factors need to be considered before choose the filter media.

  • The temperature. As different media has different operating temperature range, if the working temperature is beyond the filter media’s bearable range, it will damage soon.
  • Humidity. Air humidity is related with its dew point. It is easy to cause condensation in the filter bag with high moisture content and high dew point, which will  affect de-dusting performance. If the duster always work up and down the dew point temperature, the filter media will be brittle and easily be damaged.
  • Chemical composition. If the dusty gas contains acid, alkali or organic solvent, it need to choose the anti-acid, anti-alkali, and anti-organic solvent filter media
  • Combustibility and explosive. If  the dusty gas contains combustible gas, it need to choose flame-retarded and anti-static filter media.

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