Understand the manufacturing process of filter cloth

Raw Material
We purchase raw materials from well-known textile and fiber enterprises at home and abroad. The raw material products include: polypropylene, polyester monofilament series, acrylic yarn series, nylon series, mesh fiber, cotton yarn, polyester yarn …… for different user needs, production Manufacture the required filter cloth products.
Yarn doubling (single strands combined with five strands), plying (five strands combined with ten strands), pre-twisting, primary twisting, and double-twisting.
According to the process requirements, the cop or tuft warp warping machine is drawn into the required process axis.
Release the stress of the filter cloth, reduce the shrinkage of the filter cloth, improve the stability, and have a better use effect.
Change the yarn structure to make the surface of the filter cloth smoother, increase the particle collection efficiency, and the filter cake is easier to fall off.
Ensure that the two sides of the filter cloth are parallel, and the edges of the cloth are smooth and stable without falling off.
Sewing Fabric
Customize the first and second generation of protective cloth according to product requirements, so that the use process of the filter cloth is more stable and durable
Professionals use a buckle machine to make the buckle teeth firm and the filter cloth connection more stable.
Brush glue
To protect the buckle teeth, the filter cloth edge sealing can prolong the service life.
The cloth roll is supported by a professional paper tube, and the outer packaging is sealed with three layers.

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