Filter bag is the critical part of the bag dust collector, therefore before we know the temperature limit of the bag dust collector, we need to know the material of  filter bag. The common high temperature resistance filter media is fiberglass needle punched felt, Nomex®(Aramid) needle punched felt, PPS needle punched felt and FMS needle punched felt and so on. FMS needle felt can work normally in 260℃,and PPS can work normally within 170-232℃。Nomex®(aramid)  can work normally in the continuous 204℃,and can understand 250℃ in short time. Fiberglass needle felt can work normally within 180℃, and the filtration velocity <0.8m/min environment. With knowing the high temperature resistance of each filter media, we can choose the best filter media according to the emitted's temperature. The most suitable one can save costs to the highest degree. One need to mention is that, there is no one filter media can deal with the emitted which is above 280℃, therefore those factory operate in high temperature need to adopt the cooling device to cooperate with the bag dust collector. Note: Nomex® is a registered trademark which belongs to DuPont.      

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