With high cutting efficiency and stable operation, our roll slitting machine can cut various filter material including needle felt and woven fiberglass cloth.
Cutting speed: 0-30 m/min
Max. cutting width: 2.3 m

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The Advantage of Our Roll Slitting Machine

  1. High cutting efficiency and stable operation.
  2. Suitable for slitting a variety of organic fiber and inorganic fiber filter materials. .
  3. With the photoelectric sensor correction function, the cutting margin is smaller and the efficiency is higher.
  4. Orbital tool post design makes it easier to adjust the tool distance.
  5. With the tension control mechanism, the filter material tension is constant and the cutting width is consistent.
  6. Intelligent centralized control, humanized design, more convenient to use.

Basic Parameters

  1. Power: 3.5kw.
  2. Rated voltage: AC380V, rated frequency: 50~60HZ
  3. Dimensions: 3500×3200×2350mm
  4. Compressed air pressure: 4~4.5kg/cm².

Delivery Detail

This machine will be packed into three parts:


  1. 3500*1000*2100mm  7.35cbm
  2. 3000*1000*820mm  2.46cbm
  3. 3400*1600*1500mm  8.16cbm

Weight: 1 T

In total: 3 packages, 1T, 17.97cbm.