Reasons for Damage to PPS Filter Bags

The quality of PPS filter bags is critical. Here are several possible causes of PPS filter bag damage.

Case 1: The process of processing PPS filter bags and bag cages is very difficult.

If the PPS filter bag and the dust bag are rusted, open, welded, have burrs, etc., the friction between the PPS filter bags will increase, and damage is likely to occur in a short time.

Case 2: The deformation of the bag plate.

If the flatness of the bag plate does not meet the requirement of 2 ‰, and even the irregularity can be seen with the naked eye, it will directly affect the verticality of the bag cage. If the verticality of the bag cage is not enough, it will inevitably cause mutual friction between the PPS filter bags. In particular, the elastic steel ring in the PPS filter bag is likely to cause damage, resulting in leakage and damage to the PPS filter bag.

Case 3: The deviation of the plate hole.

It should be known that as long as the deviation of the orifice of the flower plate causes the deviation of the flower plate to be 2-3 mm, the PPS filter bag cannot be installed in the given position, and the PPS filter bag cannot be installed.

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