Guidence for Corrugator belt


Corrugator belt installation guide

After new belts arrived, unloading and loading transport should pay attention , because cotton belt weight and volume are larger , if handled carelessly, the belt surface may easily be cut with a sharp tool.
1. When replacing the conveyor belt , first identify installation direction , the joint has with the surface of the canvas board is in contact with the face , the direction opposite the direction of the opening movement of the canvas and cardboard strip during installation, the installation location depends on the production line, in general, it is better in preheat the shelves near the cylinder rolls.
2 . After determining the direction , as long as the old interface runs to the right job position , removing the old belt to wear off , and the old with the new to wear off with one end connected with , start the main drive roller lead to use of the old with the new production line around a week , running to the working position , removing the old belt to wear off emptied , then a new band with two pins connected to wear , you can test and pay attention to the slow run-time installation and commissioning , to avoid side collision or other accidents.
3. Thickness of the belt varies slight deviation using the first conveyor side must take a hot plate adjusted to the proper position gravity roller to adjust the friction between the belt and the cardboard , assuring paperboard’s bonding quality .
4. When it starts running, you do not immediately put it into production, and should be slow to run, to observe whether the deviation and the tightness of the conveyor belt is properly and timely adjustments until everything is normal before they go into production.
5.If the conveyor belt due to the impact of the hot plate and pull the emergence of the phenomenon of deviation must be timely adjustments to avoid scratching worn with edge connectors and generally will stabilize within a month.
6. When packing, you must hold up the conveyor belt and paperboard, making it away from the hot plate surface drying, prevent its surface from damage. Before installation, the installation process or in case of any questions, please call our corporate advisory Shanghai Everspring filtration company.

Anti-skid &Maintenance Instructions

1.Eliminate static electricity Try to choose a belt cotton belt or anti-static treated by complete procurement belts, if used in this phenomenon, you can use the spray mist which not only can help eliminate static electricity but can be expanded fiber reinforced contact surface adhesion;
2.Reduce the resistance between the hot plate and cardboard Hot plate long-term use may become rough, dirt surface damage or impact will increase the resistance of cardboard to run, so you must make sure that all the hot plate smooth, flat;
3.Reinforced conveyor belt surface friction coefficient Coefficient of friction and wear the belt surface material has a certain relationship, will tend to mirror or gum paste affected by the use of a conveyor belt after a certain period, you can periodically clean, cleaning and maintenance of the conveyor belt;
4.Adjust speed Conveyor belt to take the air is too large or is not strong moisture absorption can lead to capillary contraction thereby reducing the contact surface adhesion, part 1 above), then you can adjust the speed to suit the production; 5.Replace the paper Some imported wood pulp paper or paper prone to slip, especially some high-quality papers are more slippage. If you want to know more information about corrugator belt, please click the  DETAILS.    .

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