Air Slide fabric for conveyor system of powder


Air Slide Fabrics are solid woven fabrics and are used in air slides for pneumatic conveying of fine dry products like cements and other raw materials. As it can be used in many fields and more than one year service life, we call it “model worker“. Air slide fabric
Depending on the customer‘s request, we can offer air slide fabrics made of different raw materials, in various grades of air permeability and thickness.

Air slide fabric is mainly used for powder transportation, its application is mainly as following:

Power Stations : Filtered Dust, Flue Ash, Discharging Flue Ash, Coal Dust;
Building and Construction: Cement, Furnace Dust, Gypsum, Limestone, Finely Ground Quartz, Calcium Hydroxide, Lead Monoxide, Quicklime, Acid Crystals, Pure Clay, Phosphates, Magnesite Concentrate, Finely Ground Fluoride, Production of Aluminum;
Chemical Industry: Thomas Meal (Fertilizer), Rubber Compounds, Sinter Dust, Catalysts Sodium Sulfate, Soap Powder;
Silos / Tanks: Discharging Systems, Warehouse Units, Mixing Equipment, Homogenizing Systems;
Chute Bottoms: Conveyor Systems, Ventilator Systems, Aeration Systems;
Vehicles : Silo Truck Discharging Cones, Railway Wagon Discharging Cones, Vessel Aeration & Discharging Bottoms, Container Aeration & Discharging Bottoms. QQ截图20160401150113 ASF-3 ASF-2  ASF-4

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