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    Advantages of Everspring Sewing machine

    Advantages of Everspring Sewing machine

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    1970/ 01-01
    About Project

    Shanghai Everspring focus on the development of sewing machine for many years. We have Long Arm Double Needle Sewing Machine  ,ONE / TWO Needle Short Arm Sewing Machine ,Two Needle Flat Bed Sewing Machine,Roll Slitting Machine ,Strip Slitting Machine,Automatic Sewing Machine Line for produce Filter bag body and so on. Most of our clients chose us because of two reasons. One is  Can be customered in high degree, the other is  High production with a few workers. Example 1. An India client need some parts of the machine line…Actually , most of the manufactory won’t want to sell part of the product ,but our high degree of customization let him quite satisfaction and the next order is the whole production line. Because he thought that we are the stable supplier in china and he also visited our factory. Example 2 .An Spanish client buy a serious of our machine and he replied that our machine’s output beyond his imagination. As we all know that the labor in the Europe and United State are very expensive , so our full automatization production can save a lot for them. And we also send our engineer to his country and help them to install the machines. After that ,he also recommanded the machine to his friend, we keep in good contact until now. These two advantages make us become the best sewing machines’ suppiler in China.  

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