Operation mode of impulse oscillation of bag filter:

The dust-laden airflow enters through the hole in the lower part of the filter housing and hits the protective plate. Under the action of centrifugal force, to a certain extent and under the action of weight, the large dust particles are separated from the small dust particles at the entrance. filter. Gas purification involves multiple mechanisms (interception, diffusion, precipitation), and its effect depends on the type and size of the particles. The process continues by passing the gas through the bag filter, thereby forming a stable dust layer on its surface and performing the gas filtration process.

The dust collected on the bag filter is sent to the receiving hopper through regeneration. The purified gas passes through the venturi nozzle, then passes through the outlet channel on the upper part of the filter housing, and enters the atmosphere through the fan.

There is a hatch for assembly, disassembly and visual inspection in the upper part of the filter outlet chamber.

The air used for filter regeneration is under pressure and flows through the venturi nozzle in a tangential direction within a short period of time to continue intensive cleaning of the bag, thus generating the necessary vibration. The pulse duration determines the consumption of compressed air, that is, energy.

From the receiving hopper, the collected dust is sent to the collection point for subsequent transportation.

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