How to clean the filter cloth of leaf filter

Leaf filter, as one of many filters, also requires matching leaf filter cloth for filtering. Leaf filters are divided into two types: horizontal leaf filters and vertical leaf filters; while vertical leaf filters are widely used in chemical industries such as alumina filtration. Today we mainly introduce the next vertical leaf filters.

1. With the development of the filter, the leaf filter is also fully automatic operation, which is more convenient to operate.

2. The working process is fully enclosed, which can appropriately increase the service life of the leaf filter filter cloth.

3. The leaf filter does not need equipment for transmission operation, so equipment loss is reduced.

4. Short working cycle, high working efficiency, one hour is a cycle, and each filter can be individually controlled.

5. The action of the feed pump and the feed valve are coordinated, which can avoid many problems.

Cleaning the filter cloth of leaf filter

The filter cloth must be cleaned after a certain period of work. When the leaf filter is used for alumina filtration, due to alumina scabs and blockage of fine particles, if the filter cloth of the leaf filter is not cleaned, it will harden and affect the filtering effect, resulting in an increase in the content of filtrate floats. The cleaning of the filter cloth of the leaf filter should adopt the alkaline washing system.

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