Features, advantages and operating principle of baghouse filters

A bag filter for ventilation and air purification systems is one of the most effective devices capable of capturing pollutants and used for purifying gases and gas mixtures. The equipment can be used both as part of an internal ventilation system that returns air to rooms and for removing dust contaminants from the air sent from buildings.


The design and principle of operation of the baghouse filter allow you to take advantage of a number of functional and technological advantages:


1.Ease of installation and operation of the air purification system;

2.The possibility of continuous operation as part of the ventilation system;

3.Easy maintenance and minimal maintenance costs;

4.Effective air purification from impurities with simultaneous and cyclic cleaning of the filter from accumulated material.

5.These advantages explain the prevalence of bag filters in industry. Capturing and removing contaminants ranging from 0.1 to 100 micrometers from the air in either recirculation or exhaust mode is an opportunity to maintain a safe operating mode and reduce the burden on the environment.

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