Fabric filter

Fabric filter

The staggered arrangement of the warp and weft of the fabric filter material is called the weave of the fabric. The basic organization has three original organizations: plain weave, twill weave and forged weave.

  • Plain weave: Plain weave is the simplest weave in the fabric. The warp and weft can form a complete plain weave loop.
  • Twill weave: The twill weave is formed by continuous interweaving of more than 3 warp and weft threads, with diagonal lines on the cloth surface. The fabric with more warp threads than weft threads is called warp twill, and vice versa is called weft twill. The inner and outer warp and weft lines of the cloth are the same as the double-sided twill, but the direction of the front and the inside of the twill is opposite.
  • Forged weave: Forged weave is a fabric weave of more than 5 regular and continuous warp and weft threads. Its basic feature is that the interweaving points are not continuous, and there are many warp threads or weft threads floating on the cloth surface, which has the characteristics of smooth, soft, and obvious gloss. Facilitate the peeling of dust. The filter material for bag filter generally uses five-line forging texture.

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