Application and operating characteristics of bag filter

Many industries need to continuously purify the air from a large number of small particle materials and products. Therefore, bag filter systems are very common:

In the chemical and food industries;
In mining and processing companies;
In foundries, metallurgical plants, and workshops where shot blasting machines are used to refine cast iron;
In factories, elevators and other enterprises where the processing and storage of raw materials are still the source of dust;
In the production area and paint workshop.

According to the requirements for air purity and the characteristics of the process, the bag filter can be equipped with sleeves made of different materials-these are natural and synthetic woven and non-woven fabrics rolled into sleeves. By using porous materials or fabrics with emission fibers, bicycles and their synthetic materials, the efficiency of air purification of certain types of pollutants can be improved.

The sleeve device allows you to fix it in different ways: on the loop with folded fabric, on the spring element, on the clip. Generally, the service life of a sleeve is calculated in several years. In the absence of aggressive pollutants that damage the fabric structure in the air, the regeneration system completes its task and maintains the throughput of the sleeve throughout the operating cycle.

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