Water filtration(7)

here Filtration process
The raw water flows in from the water inlet and enters the inside of the filter cartridge. Then, through the filter drum from the inside to the outside, the impurities are intercepted on the inner wall of the filter cartridge. The filtered clean water flows out from the water outlet, and the impurities on the inner wall of the filter cartridge accumulate. More, a filter cake is formed on the inner surface of the filter cartridge, and a pressure difference is gradually formed inside and outside the filter cartridge. When the pressure difference reaches the preset value of the differential pressure controller, the self-cleaning process is started.
Self-cleaning process
The self-cleaning process of the water filter is performed by a suction scanner and a sewage valve which are spirally moved along the inner surface of the filter cartridge. The open drain valve causes a high backwash flow rate at the front end of the suction nozzle of the suction scanner and is formed. Vacuum, the filter cake attached to the inner wall of the filter cartridge is sucked out and discharged outside the body. The entire cleaning process is approximately 60 seconds and the system continues to flow during cleaning. The S-series suction scanner features point-by-point scanning for more thorough cleaning.
control method
The self-cleaning filter is equipped with differential pressure/time/manual functions, and we have specially designed the priority control function for you, that is, in any case, as long as the system pressure difference reaches a predetermined value, the device will start from Cleaning function to better protect your system.
Application range
Industrial filtration applications: water, water cooling water and middle and side filtration water, refrigeration and heating system circulating water, cooling water, chilled water filtration in chemical, steel, paper, power, automobile, mining, water and other industries; protection nozzle; sewage Three-stage treatment; municipal water reuse; workshop water; pre-RO system filtration;
Irrigation and filtration applications: groundwater; municipal water; rivers, lakes, seawater; orchards; nurseries; greenhouses; golf courses;

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