The factors that affect filtration rate

1. Provide the necessary filtering – Select the appropriate filter cloth gas cloth than 2.Get the longest life – consider the fabric filter bags and bag cage structure , flow velocity , cleaning method and frequency, the system rational operation and maintenance. 3. Provide appropriate cleaning methods: to maintain reasonable and stable pressure fabric , cloth and dust cake system down , least-cost energy . 4. Uniform distribution of gas and dust : the bearing unit of the same dust per square filter material , the particle size distribution and air flow rate are equal , a uniform filter cake filtration rate remains the same in all the area , so that pressure can ensure the following general bag drop and the longest life. 5. Effectively remove dust from the bag : After the dust accumulated on the filter , to remove the need to enter the collecting funnel . Dust can not remain in the reservoir funnel . Reducing the volume of the funnel can cause gas and particle velocity increases, and eventually cause damage to the filter bag .

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