Several major issues baghouse during operation should be controlled

1. Paint the variety, performance , color, coating and surface markings number should sign drawing design requirements . Paint manufacturers should have a certificate , expired inspection must paint behind the prospective use by the inspection department . 2. The filter only ordinary embalmed, all surface mounted no insulation layer steel parts must be painted a rust , two finishes ; there is the insulation layer steel parts must be painted two anti-rust paint . 3. The rust grades ; grades for the finish . 4. The film base surface ( the steel surface ) should be cleaned , revealing the true nature of the base surface , if rust by sand-blasting , compressed air should be dry , clean, and shall not contain oil and water , after the steel surface rust should form dark gray and promptly painted the first layer of primer. 5. Field painting should prevent the film sticking the pollutants and damage , the film is not dried before curing shall be carried out under the procedures of construction . 6. Construction of paint at a temperature of 5-40 ℃ should be clean, dry , well-ventilated environment , whether in rain, snow and windy weather , should be blocked. In the temperature not lower than -5 ℃, air relative humidity less than 75 % of the environment , do not take direct measures to preheat painting ; when the relative humidity is above 75 %, or metal surface condensate have frost , due to take preheat measures , the metal surface to be dry before painting. 7. When the ambient temperature is below -5 ℃, should be incorporated in accordance with the performance of the paint film can promote curable admixture and base metal film is heated to 30 to 40 ℃, then painted. When the ambient temperature is below -25 ℃, no proper winter construction measures can not be painted construction. 8. All the Confucian cover , blast doors intact. 9. Dust normal compressed air system , gas tank pressure is stable . 10. Contact Dust control system power transmission .

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