Sewing thread(Sewing yarn) for industrial textile.

We supply different kinds of sewing threads for industrial textile, mainly includes, Aramid Sewing Thread, Fiberglass Sewing Thread, PTFE Sewing Thread, PTFE coated Sewing Thread and so on. They are all of excellent performance such as not easy aging, high tensile strength, convenient for sewing etc.
Our capacity: 15t per Day.
Optional materials: Aramid, Fiberglass, PTFE, PTFE coated.
Optional size: can be customized
Optional color: can be customized
Features: Heat-resistant, High tensile strength, Excellent abrasion resistance, Smooth convenient for sewing, etc.

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1.Specifications of sewing thread(Sewing yarn):

We Supply different kinds of sewing threads, mainly includes, Aramid Sewing Thread, Fiberglass Sewing Thread, PTFE Sewing Thread, PTFE coated Sewing Thread and so on.
These Sewing Threads can be used for filter bag or filter cloth, you can choose any one that suits your need, and we will try our best to satisfy your requirements! Accept customization, and we can send free sample to you if you need.

2.Performance of Sewing Thread(Sewing yarn):

a. Not easy aging
b. High tensile strength
c. Very low shrinkage
d. Excellent abrasion resistance
e. Pollution-free
f. Smooth convenient for sewing
g. Cost effective

3.Main products:

Name Aramid Sewing Thread Fiberglass Sewing Thread PTFE Sewing Thread PTFE coated Sewing Thread

1.Polyester sewing thread technical data

NO. Parameter Value Testing environment
1 Yarn varieties 20/3 Normal Temperature
2 Tensile strength 3600 CN Normal Temperature(Winter≤16℃)
3 Breaking elongation 70MM
4 Breaking strength 125 CN/t Normal Temperature
5 Elongation 14% Normal Temperature
6 net weight per cone 250g
7 Length per cone 2350m

2.Aramid Sewing thread technical data

Test item Test result
Deviation Weight per 100m 1.8%
CV of Deviation Weight per 100m 2.0%
Single Breaking Tensile Strength 2525.2 CN
Single Breaking Tenacity 28.5 CN/Tex
CV of Single Breaking Tensile Strength 4.69%
Single Breaking Elongation 135.6 mm
Ration of elongation 27.12 mm
Actual Twist 56.4 twist/10CM
Length/1kg 11850m
Net weight per roller 1.110 ~ 1.120 kg

3.Fiberglass Thread technical data

NO. ITEM Fiberglass Thread technical data
1 Diameter 6μm
2 Twist Direction Z
3 Twist Number 280 t/m
4 Liear Density 204 tex
5 Breaking Strength Qualified:78.4(8.0)N (kgf)
First class:88.3(9.0)N (kgf)
6 Roller net weight About 1.5kgs
7 Length/1kg About 4800m

4.PTFE Thread Technical parameter

NO. ITEM Index Testing environment Remark
1 linear density 1200±50den Normal Temperature
2 Tensile strength ≥33N Normal Temperature(Winter≤16℃)
3 breaking strength ≥2.6cN/den Normal Temperature
4 Elongation 4~6% Normal Temperature
5 Thermal shrinkage ≤2.5% 260℃ 2h
6 Plied yarn 3
7 Continue Lenght ≥5500m No joint
8 Roller net weight ≥0.65kg
9 Lenght/1000g 7000-7400m

We also provide Polypropylene sewing thread and PPS sewing thread, if you need these kinds of products, please feel free to contact us, and we will try our best to satisfy your requirement!

5.Sewing thread(Sewing yarn)  application:

Sewing Thread Application
Polyester sewing thread Polyester filter bag
Polypropylene sewing thread Polypropylene filter bag
Aramid sewing thread Aramid  filter bag
PPS sewing thread PPS filter bag, Acrylic filter bag
Fiberglass sewing thread Fiberglass filter bag , polyester filter bag, Aramid filter bag , PPS filter bag .
PTFE sewing thread Can be used for all kinds of bags

6.Techenical Data:

Sewing Thread Yarn varieties Tensile Strength Working temperature(℃)
Polyester 20S/3 3600 CN 120
Polypropylene 90
Aramid 20S/3 2525.2CN 200
PPS 160
Fiberglass 260
PTFE 1200D 2.6cN/den 260

7.Price: PTFE –PPS— Aramid –Fiberglass–Polypropylene—Polyester

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