Roll Slitting Machine

This machine can slitting all kinds of filter fabrics, special designed for filter non-woven and woven fabric slitting.
Features of Roll Slitting Machine:
1. Reasonable design and easy – operating screen
2. Save labor cost and increase work effective for factory
3. Fabric width can be adjusted according filter bags dimension
4. Fabric cutting edge is much smooth and beautiful
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Optional model:


There are four parts of Roll Slitting Machine :

Feeding part Inspection part
Cutting part Rolling part

Specification of Roll Slitting Machine:

Dimensions Fabric Width Working Power Gross Weight
Length : 3500mm    2500mm    3 – 8kw   600kgs
Width:  3400mm
Height : 2300mm

Features of Roll Slitting Machine:

1. With high working efficiency, it’s easy to cut into various width.
2. Operating conveniently, fabric rolls are tight and tidy.
3. Intelligent feeding, secure fabric cutting width stable .
4. Hydraulic infrared correct alignment margins.
5. A-Frame passive unwinding.

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