Polyester/PE Needle Punched Felt

Capable of manufacturing 15,000 square meters per day (standard PE product)
Diameter & Length:Accept customization
pure PE needle felt, PE blending needle felt , anti-static needle felt and water and oil proof needle felt are optional.
Finish-treatment: Calendering, Heat setting, Singeing
Customization accepted.

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Specification of Polyester Needle Felt:

1. Width: ≤2.2 m
2. Thickness: 1.7 mm
3. Weight: 300 -650g/m2 ±10%

We can supply all kinds of PE Needle punched Felt:

Pure PE Needle Felt PE blending Needle Felt Anti-static PE Needle Felt Water & Oil proof PE Needle Felt
100% polyester staple fiber Blending with Nomex, fiberglass, and whatever you want Blending with anti-static fiber PTFE film or coating

Big stock available (Standard Products)

We were preparing a regular stock of PE Needle Felt standard Products series all the time.  Contact us to check out the inventory of the products that you interested. Specification

Composition PE/anti-static scrim
Weight (g/m2) 500
Thickness (mm) 1.80
Air permeability (L/m2/s) 200-350
Tensile strength (N/5×20cm) Warp 1000
Weft 1250
Tensile elongation (%) Warp <35
Weft <55
Broken strength (Mpa/min) 2.40
Working temperature(℃) 130
Short time working temperature (℃) 150
Anti-acid Fair
Anti-alkali Fair
Anti-abrasion Excellent
The stability of water solution Fair
Finishing treatment Singeing, calendaring

Accept Customization

We have provided to our clients this service for years. Our engineer will give you all support to solve the problem, and help you receive the exact what you want, no matter the size, the fabric, or the feature.

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