Polyester Filter Cloth/PET Filter Cloth

Our polyester filter cloth has a good performance of strong acid resistance and high efficiency filtration. We supply two kinds , one is Polyester filament yarn filter cloth, and the other one is Polyester staple yarn filter cloth.
Filmedia® is committed to filtration solution. As a professional manufacturer, our products are exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia and even all over the world.
FAW: 200-850gsm and other weight is also welcomed.
Weave: plain, twill, satin.
Finish: oil-proof, water-proof.

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1. Polyester filament yarn filter cloth
2.Polyester staple yarn filter cloth

Polyester filament yarn filter cloth compared with polyester staple yarn filter cloth

Filament yarn filter cloth: long and smooth, good air permeability.
Staple yarn filter cloth: short and not smooth, not good air permeability.

Specification of Polyester Filter Cloth

120-7 Twill Staple fiber Staple fiber 256.4 212
734 Twill Staple fiber Staple fiber 231.6 168
3927 Plain Staple fiber Staple fiber 152 102
208 Cylinder Twill Staple fiber Staple fiber 271 286
740 Satin Staple fiber Staple fiber 306 206.2
120-7 627.6 4498 4044 36.3 27.5 53.9 1.42
734 245.9 2072 1633 25.6 23.2 316 0.62
3927 524.1 4598 3154 46.8 24.8 <20.7 0.9
208 Cylinder 410.8 2788 1930 39.1 29 68 1.43
740 324.6 3175.8 2184.6 23.5 21.3 126.7 0.71

Property of polyester filter cloth

Properties Polyester Kapron Polypropylene Vinylon
Acid resistance Strong Poor Excellent Not
Alkali resistance Weak Excellent High Strong
Electrical conductivity Very poor Fairly good Excellent Medium
Elongation at break 30%-40% 18%-45% Better than polyester 12%-25%
Wear resistance Excellent Excellent Good Fairly good
Thermal endurance 170 °C 130 °C 90 °C 100 °C
Softening point 240 °C 180 °C 150 °C 200 °C
M.P. 265 °C 215 °C 170 °C 220 °C

Performance of Polyester Filter Cloth

(1) Resist strong acid and weak alkali.
(2) It’s stable to thick abioacid in low temperature,not dissolved in organic acid, but can be dissolved in thick vitriol and heated cresol.
(3) It’s easily hydrolyzed in strong alkali.

Applications of Polyester Filter Cloth

Dust collector or liquid-solid separation. Mainly used in food and beverage industry,  pharmaceutical industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical plant, building section,mining industry,etc., for the equipment of filter presses, centrifuge filters, vacuum filters,  belt filter presses, etc. The following is detailed information, if you are interested, please click.

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