P84 Filter Bag

P84 filter bag has excellent performance of heat-resistance and great filter efficiency.It can be used in the cement plant.
Our capacity: 20000 per month (standard product)
Diameter & Length: Accept customization
Filtration precision: ≤30mg/m³
Finish-treatment: Calendering, Heat setting, Singeing

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Specification of P84 Filter Bag:

Heat resistance℃/℉ Up to 260/500
Fabric 100% P84 fiber (polyimide)
Length & diameter No limited
Area weight (g/m2) 350~700
Working lifetime 8000 hours and more
MOQ 50pcs

Features of P84 Filter Bag:

1.Max. operating temperature: 240℃/464℉; Ultimate temperature: 260℃/500℉
2. Due to it’s leaf-shaped cross section, It’s 80% increase in filtration area than others filter Media.
3.The properties of Hydrolytic and Oxidation resistance are moderate. We suggest the water vapour content less than 35%Vol and O2 content less than 16%Vol.
4. Oxysulfide will shorter the service life of P84 bag, the suggestion content of oxysulfide should be less than 700mg/Nm3; the waste incinerator should have the desulfurizing unit.

Physical properties:

Air permeability(L/m2.s) @200pa Tensile strength(N/5cm) Temperature(℃ / ℉)
warp weft Operating Ultimate
150~300 1000 1100 220 / 428 260 / 500

Chemical properties:

Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance Hydrolytic Resistance Oxidation Resistance Abrasion resistance
Moderate Moderate Moderate Good Good


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