Long Arm Double Needle Sewing Machine

$ 3,800.00

Long Arm Double Needle Sewing Machine used for stitching reverse filter bags.
It is suitable for sewing thick material and also has the function of synchronous feeding in both upper and lower.
Working Length: 850mm
Max. Speed: 1350 stitches/min.
Capacity: 30 pieces filter bag with a metal ring in 10 meters.

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The Advantage of Our Long Arm Double Needle Sewing Machine

  1. The double stitches are straight and beautiful.
  2. The equipment is easy to operate and has high efficiency.
  3. Suitable for handling the stitching of extremely long cylindrical work pieces.
  4. Suitable for stitching the support ring and reinforcement of long filter bags.


Basic Parameters

  1. Maximum stitching size: 9 mm.
  2. Needle pitch: 1/2 (other specifications are optional).
  3. The highest sewing speed: 1350 stitches/min.
  4. Synchronous comprehensive feeding up and down, suitable for thick filter materials.
  5. Power: 0.37kw.
  6. Rated voltage: AC220V, rated frequency: 50~60HZ.
  7. External dimensions: 1300×700×1500mm.