Heat-resistant filter bag

Our capacity: 4000 per day (standard product)
Optional fabric: PTFE(Teflon), P84, PPS, Aramid(Nomex), Fiberglass, Fiberglass blended
Filtration precision: ≤30mg/nm3 (laminating PTFE film, ≤5mg)
Size: Accept customization.
Optional process: Sewing or hot welding

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We produce the following products:

PTFE filter bag P84 filter bag PPS filter bag Aramid(Nomex) filter bag Fiberglass Blending filter bag

The features of the 5 filter bags are different. We suggest you can choose products base on your working conditions. We also support various surface treatments to meet your needs. Comparison of 5 fabrics: 1. Temperature range

Fabric PTFE P84 PPS Aramid Fiberglass
Max. operating temperature 260℃ (500℉) 220℃ (428℉) 190℃ (374℉) 204℃ (400℉) 260℃ (500℉)
Ultimate temperature (transient) 300℃ (572℉) 260℃ (500℉) 200℃ (392℉) 220℃ (428℉) 290℃ (554℉)

2. Acid and Alkali resistance

Fabric PTFE P84 PPS Aramid Fiberglass
Acid resistance Excellent Moderate Excellent Poor Moderate
Alkali resistance Excellent Moderate Excellent Moderate Poor

3. Hydrolytic and Oxidation resistance

Fabric PTFE P84 PPS Aramid Fiberglass
Hydrolytic resistance Excellent Moderate Excellent Poor Good
Oxidation resistance Excellent Moderate Excellent Moderate Good

4. Comparison of prices PTFE > P84 > PPS > Aramid(Nomex) > Fiberglass blended > Fiberglass PTFE is the highest price because its excellent expression.

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