First grade FREE sample cotton filter cloth

Well-known for its filter media, Filmedia® cotton filter cloth is an ideal material for industrial use, a wide range of Industrial cotton filter fabric are manufactured consciously for sophisticated and large filtering systems.
Capacity: 2000 m² a day.
FAW: 200-850gsm and other customized weight.
Weave: plain, twill, satin.
We welcome customized order and FREE samples are available.
Any questions, please contact us freely!

square metre. In Stock .
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Specification of cotton filter cloth

  • Composition: cotton
  • Construction: Staple/staple
  • Weight: 300gsm-600gsm
  • Air permeability:20-100L/M2.s@200Pa
  • Filtering : 0.5-100micron
  • Color: raw
  • Package: 50-100 meters per roll


Cotton filter cloth used in food industry , cotton yarn with durable and abrasion resistant, heat resistant, breathable, non-delivery of deviation, and long life time. in 2-5 plies.

Thickness weight Size Elongation Shrinkage
1.00 – 2.50mm 300 – 1600 gsm 600 – 2200mm Warp : 3%
Weft: 1.5%

Application of cotton filter cloth

The special industry of nickel cathode.


Before you choose the cotton filter cloth, please let us know your temperature, humid, dust diameter, gas chemical properties, dust abrasive, filter’s mechanical parameters and so on,therefore our technical personnel or our professional sales can advice the most suitable filter cloth for you. Here is the advice for choosing the filter media, pleaseclickhere.

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