Filter Bag Cage/ Frame for Industry flue filtration.

Our capacity:
1.Stainless filter cage: 20000-30000 / month
2.Filter cage to be galvanized: 10000-20000 / month
3.Three materials can be choosed: Galvanized, Silicon power plated and Stainless steel.
The filter cage is the support of filter bag and it should be light and easy for installation and maintenance. The quality of filter cage has directly bearing on the filtering state and service life of a filter bag. Every cages we make can meet the requirement for tightness, smoothness and uprightness.

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We supply full range of filter bag cages; each cage made in filmedia® can meet to the requirements of being light, handy, smooth and straight. Cage resembles the rib of bag. It should be light, handy, easy to install, maintain, and it is smooth and straight, to prevent the bag from damage.

Material of filter bag cage:

1. Galvanized steel

2. Stainless steel304, 316, 316L and etc.

3. Silicon power plated

Provide us the data of filter bag cage:

The quality of filter cage has directly bearing on the filtering state and service life of a filter bag. So the detailed and accurate data can ensure the normal use of the product to the maximum extent. It’s great that you can provide design drawings, or if you provide data according to the following information.
1. Filter cage material and size
2. Quantity of vertical wires
3. Space of Horizontal wires
4. Wire diameter
5. Cell plate sizes of dust collector or baghouse

Joint types of filter bag:

Different joint different price, please contact us to know more detail about joint. filter cage joins type

Quality control:

1. No burrs and sharp edge on surface and no false welding
2. Vertical wires distribute equally, space tolerance is +/-2mm


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