Fiberglass Sewing Thread

Various materials and applications available, cost economical, excellent abrasion resistance, smooth convenient for sewing, high tensile strength, shapable and competitive.
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The advantages of Fiberglass Sewing Thread

The glass fibers are made of various types of glass depending upon the fiberglass use. These glasses all contain silica or silicate, with varying amounts of oxides of calcium, magnesium, and sometimes boron. To be used in fiberglass, glass fibers have to be made with very low levels of defects. Fiberglass is a strong lightweight material and is used for many products. Although it is not as strong and stiff as composites based on carbon fiber, it is less brittle, and its raw materials are much cheaper. Its bulk strength and weight are also better than many metals, and it can be more readily molded into complex shapes.

Fiberglass Sewing Thread technical data

NO. ITEM Fiberglass Thread technical data
1 Diameter 6μm
2 Twist Direction Z
3 Twist Number 280 t/m
4 LiNear Density 204 tex
5 Breaking Strength Qualified:78.4(8.0)N (kgf)
First class:88.3(9.0)N (kgf)
6 Roller Net Weight About 1.5kgs
7 Length/1kg About 4800m


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