Fiberglass needle felt

Our capacity:15000 square meter per day (standard Fiberglass product)
Diameter & Length:Accept customization
Fiberglass has outstanding dimensional stability , high tensile strength at break , corrosion resistance , smooth surface , good water-repellent , breathable, easy cleaning , chemical stability.Due to its low cost, when the user request is low , dust removal equipment manufacturers also use fiberglass pulse bag filter .
Finish-treatment: Calendering, Heat setting, Singeing

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Features of Fiberglass Nonwoven Needle Felt:

1.Excellent Anti-Acid And Anti-Alkali
2.High Temperature Resistance:240-280℃/464-536℉
3.Long Service Life: >4500 hours
4.Abrasion resistance, high tensile strength
5.Single fiber, high porosity, gas filtration resistance
6.Low resistance of filtration
7.Can be used in a variety of complex situation and harsh environmental conditions
8.Can be customized.

Physical Properties of Fiberglass Nonwoven Needle Felt:

Weight(gs m) 850
Thickness(mm) 2.5
Width(mm) ≤2.2m
Finish treatment Singeing, Calendering, Heat setting
Air permeability(L/m2.s) 200-350
Tensile strength(N/5cm) warp ≥900
weft ≥1050
Tensile  elongation(%) warp ≤35
weft ≤60
Heat shrinkage(%) warp ≤1.5
weft ≤1.0
Temperature(°C/°F) Continue 240/464
Instant 280/536
Anti-acid Excellent
Anti-alkali Excellent
Anti-abrasion Excellent
hydrolysis stability Good


Option 2

We also supply a new material which can replace the PPS needle felt.It has the charactise of the PPS needle felt,but the continue temparature can up ro 250℃.The following are the specification about the new products.

Weight(gsm) 810
Thickness(mm) 0.75
Air permeability(cm³/cm²/s) 2-4
Tensile strength(N/25mm) warp 2400
weft 2800
Temperature(°C/°F) Continue .260/500
Instant 300/572
Anti-acid Excellent
Anti-alkali Excellent


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