Fiberglass blending filter bag

Supply Ability:2000 per day (standard product)
Long Working Life: More than 4500 hours
Filtration Velocity: Up to 1.0 m/min
Temperature-Resistance: Max. Temp. 280℃
Finish-treatment: Calendering, Heat setting, Singeing

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Description of Fiberglass Blending  Filter Bag:

asphalt, hot mix plants,Waste Incineration to soil remediation facilities.

Specification of Fiberglass Blending Filter Bag:

1. Material : Fiberglass compound staple fiber, P84 fibre, Nomex fiber
2. Scrim: with fiberglass staple yarn
3. Weight:800-900g/m2 ±10%
4. Temperature (℃): Continue: 240, Instant: 280

Features of Fiberglass Blending  Filter Bag:

1.High Temperature Resistance:240-280
2.Excellent Anti-Acid And Anti-Alkali
3. Can be customized.
4.Filtration Velocity up to 1.0 m/min
5.Long Service Life: >4500 hours
6.Abrasion resistance
7.Can be used in a variety of complex situation and harsh environmental conditions

Physical and Chemical Properties of Fiberglass Blending  Filter Bag:

Weight(g/m²) 850
Thickness(mm) 2.5
Width(mm) ≤2.2m
Finish treatment Singeing, Calendering, Heat setting
Air permeability(L/m².s) 200-350
Tensile strength(N/5cm) warp ≥800
weft ≥1000
Tensile  elongation(%) warp ≤35
weft ≤60
Heat shrinkage(%) warp ≤1.5
weft ≤1.0
Temperature(℃) Continue 240
Instant 280
Anti-acid Excellent
Anti-alkali Excellent
Anti-abrasion Excellent
hydrolysis Good


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