Conveyor Belt

The main use of Conveyor belt is discharging, declining transportation or homogenizing the powder or small granular material in quiescent condition. We adopt 100% polyester yarns for Conveyor belt material.
Our capacity: 2000 m2 per Day.
The max. length per roll: 50 M.
Width: 0.10 M ~ 2.6 M.
Thickness: 4~10 MM.
Max. Operating Temp.: 160 ℃.
Ultimate Temp.( Instant ): 200 ℃. Can be customized by specific demands.

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There are two kinds of Conveyor belt

Filament Polyester Conveyor Belt Spun Polyester Conveyor Belt
airslide_fabric airslide_belt

Our company’s spun polyester Conveyor belt has advantages on the performances of tensile strength, air permeability, and high temperature resistance. But filament polyester Conveyor belt is superior to spun polyester Conveyor belt on the above performances. Conveyor belt is also named as Air slide fabric, Air slide cloth, Air Slide Membrane, Air Slide Canvas, Air Permeable Fabric, Canvas Cloth, Fluidization Cloth, and fluidizing fabric, We are also, however, able to weave fabrics to our customers’ specific demands for air permeability and mechanical strength.

Technical parameter of Conveyor belt

Product Name Conveyor belt
Thickness( mm ) 4 ~ 10
Gram Weight( gsm ) 3200 ;5600
Air permeability( L/m2.s ) 65 ~ 100
Elongation (Strength: 2000 N / 2 cm ) Warp 1.4 ~ 2.5 %
Weft 0.65 ~ 1.2 %
Max. Operating Temp. 160 ℃ ( 320 ℉)
Ultimate Temp.( Instant ) 200 ℃ ( 392 ℉)
Number of plies 5

Ps: Average errors of thickness is +/- 0.3mm , gram weight is +/- 5%, air permeability is +/- 10%

Applications of Conveyor belt

Cement industry: cement bulk cement trucks,boats;
Mining: alumina,lime,fly ash,phosphate;
Chemical industry: soda;
Power: fly ash, desulfurization;
Food industry: flour.
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