Cartridge Filter Dust Collectors

Filmedia® Cartridge Filter Dust Collectors use cartridge filters which are lined with a pleated non-woven filtering media. Filmedia® Dust Collectors with Cartridge Filters also use a Reverse Pulse Jet auto cleaning system. Cartridge Dust Collection Systems are best suited for applications where dust is fine and also for certain shapes of dust. Depending on your specific requirement, Filmedia® can also customize these industrial dust collectors to suit your application.

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1.Optimized online pulse jet cartridge cleaning
2.Tough steel construction for long life in harsh industrial environments
3.Small footprint when compared to baghouse dust collectors
4.Quick and easy maintenance
5.High filter efficiency
6.Lower capital cost when compared to traditional fabric dust collectors
7.Can be used outdoors and indoors
8.Customized solution for your specific requirement
9.Food grade, explosion proof and anti-static options are available


Model Name Power (KW) Airflow (m3/Hr) Filter Surface Area (m2) Dimension LxBxH (m) Filter Cleaning Location
FM-PJ-1 2.2 1950 12 0.7×0.7×3 Automatic Pulsejet Indoor
FM-PJ-2 2.2 1950 27 0.9×0.9×3 Automatic Pulsejet Indoor
FM-PJ-3 3.7 2800 12 0.7×0.7×3 Automatic Pulsejet Indoor
FM-PJ-4 3.7 2800 27 0.9×0.9×3 Automatic Pulsejet Indoor
FM-PJ-5 5.5 3500 12 0.7×0.7×3 Automatic Pulsejet Indoor
FM-PJ-6 5.5 3500 27 0.9×0.9×3 Automatic Pulsejet Indoor
FM-PJ-7 7.5 5000 12 0.7×0.7×3 Automatic Pulsejet Indoor
FM-PJ-8 7.5 5000 27 0.9×0.9×3 Automatic Pulsejet Indoor
FM-PJ-9 2.2 1950 45 1 x 1 x 3 Automatic Pulsejet Indoor
FM-PJ-10 3.7 2800 45 1 x 1 x 3 Automatic Pulsejet Indoor
FM-PJ-11 5.5 3500 45 1 x 1 x 3 Automatic Pulsejet Indoor
FM-PJ-12 7.5 5000 45 1 x 1 x 3 Automatic Pulsejet Indoor


  • Grinding application
  • Sandblast applications
  • Welding/Laser/Plasma cutter fumes
  • Graphite
  • Pharmaceutical and certain type of chemical powders

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