Aramid Sewing Thread/ KEVLAR Thread

With excellent abrasion resistance, very low shrinkage, high tensile strength, long life expectancy, pollution-free, convenient for sewing and cost economical, Waterfiltech Aramid Sewing Thread/Kevlar Thread is your perfect solution.

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The advantages of Aramid sewing thread

Aramid main advantages are high strength and low weight. Like graphite, it has a slightly negative axial coefficient of thermal expansion, which means aramid laminates can be made thermally stable in dimensions. Unlike graphite, it is very resistant to impact and abrasion damage. It can be made waterproof when combined with other materials like epoxy. It can be used as a composite with rubber retaining its flexibility. High tensile modulus and low breakage elongation combined with very good resistance to chemicals make it the right choice for different composite structural parts in various applications.

The advantages of KEVLAR thread

1. Permanent heat-resistant flame retardant, limiting oxygen index Loi greater than 28.
2. Permanent anti-static.
3. Permanent acid and organic solvents erosion.
4. High strength, high wear resistance, high tear resistance.
5. In the case of fire without droplets, do not produce toxic gases.
6. When the fire cloth surface thickening, enhance the sealing, not broken.

The application of KEVLAR thread

Bullet-proof clothing, bullet-proof helmet, anti-thorn anti-cutting service, vents, high-strength parachute, bullet-proof body, timing belt

Aramid Sewing thread technical data

Test item Test result
Deviation Weight per 100m 1.8%
CV of Deviation Weight per 100m 2.0%
Single Breaking Tensile Strength 2525.2 CN
Single Breaking Tenacity 28.5 CN/Tex
CV of Single Breaking Tensile Strength 4.69%
Single Breaking Elongation 135.6 mm
Ration of Elongation 27.12 mm
Actual Twist 56.4 twist/10CM
Length/1kg 11850m
Net Weight per roller 1.110 ~ 1.120 kg

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